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Vytautas Radžvilas: Norima, kad neliktų nepageidaujamo liudininko (video) redakcija   2018 m. balandžio 26 d. 21:28



Vytautas Radžvilas: Norima, kad neliktų nepageidaujamo liudininko (video)

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Life Site News       2018-04-30 23:27
Life Site News       2018-04-30 23:19
Senator Ted Cruz, R-TX, responded to the news in a Facebook post denouncing the British National Health Service for “play[ing] God.”

“The NHS refused to permit Italy to treat him at no cost. The NHS refused to release Alfie to die at home. The NHS even expelled the priest ministering to Alfie,” Cruz wrote. “The NHS and UK courts refused to release Alfie to the custody of his parents, claiming that it was in Alfie’s best interests to die. Alfie’s tragic situation, reflecting that of Charlie Gard last year, is becoming an all-too predictable consequence of socialized medicine, and the arrogance, imperiousness, and low regard for human life displayed by the bureaucrats who administer it.”

Steve Deace
#AlfieEvans was murdered by the UK government. Don’t sugar coat it. Don’t forget it. Ever.Bastards.

4:58 PM - Apr 28, 2018 · West Des Moines, IA

Glenn Beck
#Alfieevans passed at 2:45a GMT.  The second child that WE KNOW OF that the British Government murdered.  What will it take for people to rise up against evil? Silence in the face of evil, is evil itself. Because I know God is just, I tremble for the West.
3:45 PM - Apr 28, 2018

Matt Walsh
The Left’s cowardly silence about the murder of Alfie Evans is yet another shameful chapter in the tragic story of American liberalism.
5:33 PM - Apr 30, 2018

At Townhall, conservative radio host Kevin McCullough laid out a series of proposals for how to prevent future cases like Alfie’s, including work to defeat socialized healthcare; new legislation to protect parents’ rights in medical decisions; more religious leaders getting involved earlier, taking their objections as high as Prime Minister Theresa May or Queen Elizabeth; and stigmatizing indifference to or support for Alfie’s suffocation.

“Our abhorrence and even worse apathy towards the value of innocent human life is the worst strike against the character of this era of history. It rears itself in less noble ways all the time,” McCullough wrote. “But in Alfie’s case we are exposed for the self-obsessed, no-time-to-be-bothered, evil that we have been feeding on for a few generations.”

"politologui"       2018-04-29 2:28

smirdžius tu, ne politologas - pats smirdi ir kitus bandai teplioti

Life Site News. JP Casey 2       2018-04-29 0:02

I regret to say that with the kind of leadership — or rather the complete absence of leadership our bishops are showing — in grave public cases where a powerful public witness in defense of life, the family and God-given parental rights is not only necessary but is indeed a moral obligation, it is no wonder the flock of practising Catholics is so rapidly dwindling. For who wants to follow such shepherds? For this to occur so soon after the Charlie Gard saga, and with an essentially identical outcome — namely, the complete lack of leadership, lack of conviction, and lack of courage we are seeing from our bishops, I am afraid to say I am ashamed to be an English Catholic.

As Edmund Burke said : ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.’

With every hope that the Holy Spirit will prompt you to put into action the prophetic words of St. John Paul II : “If you want peace, work for justice. If you want justice, defend life. If you want life, embrace the truth the truth revealed by God.”


JP Casey

London, 27 April 2018

Life Site News. JP Casey       2018-04-29 0:01

Open Letter to the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales from a concerned Catholic citizen

Your Excellencies:

Though I can understand the desire to strike a conciliatory tone when both the stakes and emotions are running high, it is a gross understatement to call the wording of your declaration on the Alfie Evans case unfortunate, particularly given the emphasis on the apparent “integrity” of the medical staff and administrators of Alder Hey hospital.

A hospital that acts as a jail, imprisoning a child against his parents’ wishes and better judgement does not act with integrity.

A hospital that seeks a court injunction to prevent the parents from exercising their rightful duty to act in the best interests of their child does not act with integrity.

A hospital that refuses to call into question its (possible, if not likely, mis-) diagnosis does not act with integrity.

A hospital that seeks to oust a chaplain who is providing spiritual solace to a family in need and administering sacraments does not act with integrity.

A hospital that refuses to consider alternatives does not act with integrity.

A hospital that requests police presence to prevent parents from exercising their lawful right to remove their child from the hospital’s care - threatening parents with a conviction of assault if they so much as touch their child - does not act with integrity.

A hospital that refuses to facilitate a meeting between its medical staff and the head of another hospital prepared to accept the child into its care does not act with integrity.

A hospital that fails to cooperate with other hospitals who send medical staff, equipment and transport to support the parents’ wishes for alternative forms of treatment does not act with integrity.

A hospital that refuses to hydrate or feed a child does not act with integrity.

More importantly — and worse than the unfortunate choice of words used in your declaration — is its abject failure to address the heart of the matter: the privileged link between children and their parents as their God-given custodians.

No mention is made in the declaration of the sanctity and dignity of human life.

No mention is made of the rights of parents as the primary educators and sole legitimate custodians of the child.

No mention is made of the primary rights of parents — not the state, or medical doctors, or conflicted, unelected magistrates — to determine what they believe to be in the best interests of their child.

Because the declaration so completely fails to uphold Catholic teachings in regards of life and the family, it ought not be considered a Catholic declaration. To label it as such is intensely misleading.

It is ever more obvious that beyond the thousands of abortions they procure annually, NHS hospitals are becoming death mills not only for the unborn, but for the living. Every parent in the UK, Catholic or otherwise, will now rightly question whether by admitting their child to a NHS hospital, their child will ever again be allowed to leave and see the light of day. That our bishops continue to ally themselves with the NHS in defending the indefensible is beyond comprehension.

Whilst you may be tempted to characterise me and others who share my views as ‘simpletons’ whose intellectual faculties are insufficient to fully grasp the ethical and medical subtleties of the case, I will reply: I know tyranny when I see it. I know oppression when I see it. I know injustice when I see it. And so do many thousands of others across the world. If our Church leaders, meaning the collective you, remain silent in the face of such tyranny, oppression and injustice, then not only do they fail in their mission to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, not only do they fail to publicly uphold the sanctity and dignity of all human life, not only do they fail to defend the rights of parents as the primary educators and as the sole legitimate custodians of their children — each one of these being individually considered a serious sin of omission — but they also become accomplices of, and indeed, active participants in, gravely evil acts.

Life Site News       2018-04-28 23:54

LONDON, April 27, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) — The nephew of a renowned German Catholic philosopher and fierce opponent of Hitler, Dietrich von Hildebrand (1889-1977), has written an open letter to the bishops of England and Wales denouncing their response to Alfie Evans as an “abject failure.”

In a letter dated April 27, London resident Jean Pierre Casey criticizes the UK bishops for praising Alder Hey Hospital’s “integrity” and “completely failing” to uphold Catholic teaching on life, the family, and God-given parental rights.

Casey also excoriates the prelates for cozying up to the National Health Service (NHS) rather than serving the people entrusted to their care.

“It is ever more obvious that beyond the thousands of abortions they procure annually, NHS hospitals are becoming death mills not only for the unborn, but for the living. […] That our bishops continue to ally themselves with the NHS in defending the indefensible is beyond comprehension,” he writes.

“If Church leaders remain silent in the face of such “tyranny, injustice and oppression,” he adds, they become “accomplices of, and indeed, active participants in, gravely evil acts.”

Last Wednesday, just hours after Pope Francis tasked Italian prelate and former Vatican official, Bishop Francesco Cavina, with mediating relations between the Bambino Gesù hospital and the Holy See, to ensure Alfie’s transfer to Rome, the Bishops of England and Wales issued an official statement praising the judges and hospital for acting with “integrity” and “for Alfie’s good as they see it.”

The bishops also rejected as “unfounded” media reports criticizing Alder Hey hospital, saying their chaplaincy consistently cares for the staff and offered help to the family.

However, an internal memo from the Archdiocese of Liverpool leaked last week revealed that, while the archdiocese was offering support to Alder Hey doctors and hospital staff, they did not meet with the family on the grounds that “they are not Roman Catholic.” 

Thomas and Alfie Evans are, in fact, both baptized Catholics, while Alfie’s mother, Kate James, is Anglican.

It also emerged on Thursday that Archbishop Malcolm McMahon of Liverpool, and Cardinal Vincent Nichols of Westminster, forced an Italian priest who was helping the family to return to his parish in London, leaving Alfie and his parents without spiritual care and support.

One notable exception to the silence was Bishop Philip Egan of Portsmouth, England, who on Monday expressed his support for Alfie and his parents, tweeting: “Let’s offer heartfelt prayers today for little Alfie Evans — now an Italian citizen — and his courageous parents. If there is anything at all that can be done, may the Lord enable us by His love and grace to effect it.”

In remarks accompanying his open letter, Jean Pierre Casey said: “My great uncle Dietrich von Hildebrand was resolute in the face of Nazi oppression. We must be resolute in the face of secular oppression when the rights of parents are being systematically undermined and the family is being attacked on all sides. Our bishops’ silence is shameful.”

Politologas       2018-04-28 21:39

Mums reikia tartis su Maskva. Vieni prieš iškrypėlišką ideologiją neatsispirsime.

Life Site News. Alfie Evans mirė       2018-04-28 19:25
LIVERPOOL, England, April 28, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) — Alfie Evans died today in a Liverpool children’s hospital at 2:30 a.m. local time.

Despite last-minute interventions, including the Italian government’s gift of citizenship to the infant, the child died four days after doctors at the Alder Hey NHS (National Health Service) Foundation ignored his parents’ wishes and removed him from a ventilator.

His mother Kate James informed well-wishers of the boy’s death by posting a message on the “Alfie’s Army Official” Facebook page.

“Our baby boy grew his wings tonight at 2:30 am,” the young mother wrote. “We are heart broken. Thank you everyone for all your support.”

“My gladiator lay down his shield and gained his wings at 02:30… absolutely heartbroken… I LOVE YOU MY GUY,” Thomas Evans said.

Alfie James Evans was a baptized Catholic, like his father. His mother belongs to the Reformed tradition. If a baptized child before the age of reason dies, he goes straight to heaven, according to Catholic teaching.

“Baptized and under ‘the age of reason’, he does not need our prayers,” tweeted Dr Joseph Shaw, a Catholic ethicist at Oxford University. “His family, and everyone else involved, do.”

In a statement issued on its website, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool, England, said: “We wish to express our heartfelt sympathy and condolences to Alfie’s family at this extremely distressing time. All of us feel deeply for Alfie, Kate, Tom and his whole family and our thoughts are with them. This has been a devastating journey for them and we would ask that their privacy and the privacy of staff at Alder Hey is respected.”

On Monday, Alfie’s father Thomas Evans posted a video on Facebook saying that when the hospital staff removed Alfie’s ventilator at 9:17 p.m., he was able to breathe on his own. The toddler lived for more than four days without the machine.

In the video, Evans said his son’s fingers were beginning to turn blue and Alfie was losing color.

“Alfie’s sustained his life since 17 minutes past nine,” Thomas Evans said. “He’s needing oxygen but the hospital won’t give him any.”

In the video, he said his son’s fingers were beginning to turn blue and Alfie was losing color. However, after the parents gave the child mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, the child began to breathe on his own. Later Alfie was given oxygen.

Putinoidas       2018-04-28 13:42

Ateinu palaikyti. Tačiau tam reikia, kad Vytautas prisijungtų prie KGB infiltrato TS LKD ir LS partijose. Mes turime neribotą finansavimą iš matuškos Rusios. Jo nedrįsta susekti net FNTT nes mes nebendradarbiaujame. Mūsų VILLA COMFORT Palangoje, veikia kaip placdarmas, tiesiant Litvai tiltą į Krymą per Kuršių nerija ir Baldiisko miestą.

Life Site News       2018-04-28 10:35 referral

April 27, 6:50 PM ET:
Prayer vigil for Alfie continutes for third night in Rome.

April 27, 8:00 PM ET:
Alfie has now been breathing on his own for 100 hours. Let us continue to keep him, Tom, and Kate in our thoughts and prayers. Good night to all! We will provide only the most crucial updates on this webpage during the weekend.

Jėzusas       2018-04-28 9:00

Juk nieko naujo iš principo nevyksta, kas vyko visada. Yra kas formuoja mainstrymą yra ir kas nespėja ir krenta į paraštes. Akademinis sluoksnis visada yra ideologizuotas/politizuotas ir niekur, niekada kitaip nebuvo. “Brandžios demokratijos” (labai juokingas terminas, bet nieko nepadarysi jei jau jis taip plačiai naudojamas) šalyse toleruojama kritinė mintis tol kol ji nekelia grėsmės mainstrymui. Kai pradeda kelti - nesibodėjama kištis grubiausiais būdais net žudant žmones.
Radžvilo ir jo oponentai turi vieną esminį panašumą. Jie tiki iliuzijomis. Radžvilas tiki krikščioniška europa ir mitu, kad tautos kuriasi pačios, oponentai tiki kad galima sukurti naujos kokybės europietį.

Life Site News       2018-04-27 22:52
Poland stands for Alfie Evans
WARSAW, April 25, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — An avalanche of support for toddler Alfie Evans has grown in pro-life Poland.

Polish people cannot accept this injustice and some are hoping for royal intervention. While the Queen is mostly a figurehead, she has an enormous potential to raise awareness and shape public opinion.

Meanwhile, Polish TV celebrity Wojciech Cejrowski has been the driving force in making Alfie a household name in Poland. Cejrowski has 700,000 followers on his Facebook account, and his comments on social media quickly reached even millions of Poles living outside the country.
Polish people are shocked and cannot believe that the British courts and Alder Hey hospital can hold Alfie a hostage. The Poles cannot do much, but still try what they can.

Hundreds of thousands are active on Facebook, and a few even came to the hospital in Liverpool. A small group visited Alfie’s father, Tom and gave him a Polish flag. They encouraged their Facebook followers to pray to Saint Rita of Cascia, a patron saint for the impossible.

Luke Mintz of the Liverpool Echo wrote on Twitter that he saw three Polish flags outside Alder Hey. He also noticed that Polish president Andrzej Duda expressed his solidarity with Alfie on Twitter:

Alfie Evans must be saved! His brave little body has proved again that the miracle of life can be stronger than death. Perhaps all that’s needed is some good will on the part of decision makers. Alfie, we pray for you and your recovery!

Polish magazine Solidarność started a petition to grant Alfie Polish citizenship. Alfie and his parents Tom Evans and Kate James also received support from Pope Francis, and political leaders in Italy, Croatia, and the United States.

Poles in Cracow, Warsaw, and Lublin brought Teddy bears for Alfie to British consulates in a show of support. In Warsaw, a group of college students prayed the rosary outside the British consulate. In cities without consular representation, such as Rybnik, people gathered near monuments to pray. There was also a special mass celebrated for Alfie in Szczecin. The candles are lit in windows, or on the streets. The whole country is praying and thinking about little Alfie.

Life Site News       2018-04-27 22:47 News Bar
April 27, 12:25 PM ET:
Nigel Farage, one of the United Kingdom’s leading conservative voices has lent his support to 23-month-old Alfie Evans.

Former UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage spoke with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham Thursday evening, and excoriated British and European courts for taking away Tom Evans and Kate James’ parental rights.

“Any parent in the world who’s got a child that’s sick would move heaven and earth if somebody else could offer them a different treatment,” he said. “And yet what happens here is, our state-run medical system decides there is nothing else that can be done, and backed up by the state courts, they make a decision that those parents are not fit to move their child somewhere else.”

April 27, 1:45 PM ET:
A leading German pediatrician is saying that the way the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) is dealing with disabled toddler Alfie Evans and his parents would never happen in his country given its history with the Nazi regime.

“We have learned in Germany because of our history, that there are things that you do not do with severely disabled patients,” Professor Nikolaus Haas, head of the Child Cardiology and Pediatric Intensive Medicine Unit at Munich University Hospital, told Germany’s Die Welt newspaper in an April 26 article.

April 27, 3:15 PM ET:
The director of the Vatican-run hospital that had offered to treat Alfie Evans is accusing those holding the 23-month-old boy in the United Kingdom of doing so for ideological motives.

“I suspect [Judge Anthony Hayden’s denial of Alfie’s transfer] responds to an ideological battle and that the decision does not respond strictly to legal reasons,” Mariella Enoc, director of Bambino Gesù Pediatric Hospital, told the Spanish paper ABC.

April 27, 3:45 PM ET:
Heather Nauert, Spokesperson for the United States Department of State, tweeted support yesterday for Alfie and his family. The whole world continues to watch.

Life Site News       2018-04-27 22:39 News Bar
April 27, 11:00 AM ET:
Lord David Alton of Liverpool is calling for a change in British law to favor more parental rights in a child’s medical decision.

“I am not alone in believing that when British law can displace the rights of parents then British law must be changed. I said exactly that at the time of the death of Charlie Gard and repeat it again now as little Alfie Evans battles for life,”
he posted on Facebook.

“The earlier case of Ashya King graphically illustrated that experts can get things wrong - but, even more importantly, every parent has a fundamental right - and I would say duty- to fight for and care for the child to whom they gave life. Alfie is today still fighting for his life despite extubation, beyond the expectations of the team treating him. As the relationship between the hospital and Alfie’s family has clearly broken down, their request to take Alfie to another hospital seems unarguable. So is the case for changing the law to give parents the definitive last word in such cases?”

April 27, 11:20 AM ET:
The Christian Legal Centre has released a statement regarding its involvement in Alfie Evans’ case. They are defending themselves against comments made by a judge and from criticism in the way case was handled.

“Again, we underline that our driving concern throughout our short involvement in this case has been to contend for little Alfie’s bests interests and to serve his parents,” they write.

“Having reviewed the case with Mr Evans, we believed that Alfie’s ‘best interests’ would be served not by allowing him to die but by respecting his parents’ wish to take advantage of the excellent medical care being offered to Alfie by three other European hospitals.”

Ka tik paziurejau video        2018-04-27 19:01

del gerbiamo Radzvilo dorojimo-labai neblogai nufilmuotas.Deja kita puse -su kazkokiais geriausiu atveju graiku ornamentus primenanciais plakatais pasirode tokie neissilavine…Ponaiciui Skarulskiui musu istorija tik prasidejo nuo Atenu ir baigesi ties sv.Pauliumi -nieko lietuvisko.ES jam stovi ant krikscionybes pamatu,nepaisant to ,kad ES valdininkai atsisake tai irasyti i ES Konstitucija ir importuoja visai kitos -dar naujesnes dykumu religijos zmoniu minias.Zodziu-gaila vaiku,del busimu savo siltu vieteliu pasirengusiu buti konformistais,bet kuo…Gal keletas jusu,vaikai,isties gaus kuriam laikui siltas vieteles,bet negyvensite Europoje kokia ji dabar…Nenesios vyrai sukneliu.o moterys dengsis galvas ir kuna iki kulniuku.Beje-konservatyvumas yra tradiciju saugojimas,o ne naujoviu diegimas.Zodziu-stai jaunimo karta dar nelankiusi Karalienes Mortos-Landsbergienes mokykleliu,isivaizduokit kas bus toliau.O is tu jaunuoliu-kiek zada likti Lietuvoj,jei negaus siltu vieteliu ...

American Thinker       2018-04-27 15:36

Steve Mc Cann. Britain and Alfie Evans show how socialism destroys human dignity
American Thinker. April 26, 2018. The United Kingdom, a nation once revered for its promotion of individual freedom and the promulgation of limited government throughout the world, has accepted, as a governing principle, the foundation of Marxist philosophy: the individual human being is the property of the state.

degraduoja ta valstybe,       2018-04-27 11:39

kurios vardu pradedami persekioti sviesiausi jos zmones. Rubavicius, Radzvilas…. daugybe kitu, kurie dar bando dirbti saziningai savo valstybes labui. Deja, kaip vienas banksteris pasake, sazine- ne sio pasaulio dimensija. Tikiu, kad taip nera visame pasaulyje, bet Lietuvoje- taip.

Institutas be kritinio mokslo - ne universitetas        2018-04-27 11:38

Radžvilas juk kritiškai dėstė institute klasikinius, kiekvienam neidelogizuotam europiečiui privalomus dalykus, o jūs, sukairėję neoliberalai, neokonai ir pan., apskundėte, kaip chunveibinai vykdėte parsidavusios globalistinėms ideologijoms
ir verslui administracijos užsakymus.
Pastaroji, virtusi klanu, savo nusistatymo prieš akademines disciplinas,
akademinę laisvę, žinoma, nepripažįsta, nes jau atbukusi sąžinė,
per daug susvetimėta savęs pačių ir tautos atžvilgiu,
nelavinta metafizinė  mąstysena, todėl nereflektuotos mokymų prielaidos.
Tik graudu dėl sutikusių būti mulkinamais jaunųjų liberalų ir konservatorių, homjaunuoliškų karjeristų. Jeigu jūs jau dabar laisvai ir sąmoningai (dėl karjeros) buriatės į eurokomjaunuoliškas kuopeles bei imatės tarnauti proto kritikos neatlaikančioms ir demaskuotoms ideologijoms, į ką daugelis išvirsite subrendę?
Kelio atgal daugeliui tikrai nebus, net jei grįžti norėsite.
Slampinėsite gyvenimo pakampiais niekam nereikalingi, išdavę idealus. NK

Baisiausia,kai       2018-04-27 11:02

liberalus mąstymas nurašo žmogų pagal viską,ką tik randa silpnesnio.Nurašo pagal amžių,pagal įsitikinimus,pagal soc.padėtį,pagal tai,kur gyveni,pagal tai kur mokaisi,pagal aprangą,išvaizdą,užimamas pareigas ir ką tik nori.Nes reikia ,kad visi atitiktų išmanius standartus ir nedarytų gėdos šaliai,na,kaip Šiaurės Korėjoje.Vienas vaikas mūsų mokykloje atsisakė jam nemokamo maitinimo,kad tik jo nelaikytų skurduku,kaip jis pats vadina.Dabar jis skolinasi pinigus iš draugų pavalgyti,toks smulkutis,bet geros širdies ir talentingas.Jis labai išgyvena ,kad jie gyvena nepasiturinčiai.Jie atima iš žmogaus orumą,už  kurį labiausiai verta kovoti,jei dar dar verta ką nors daryti šioje šalyje.

Life Site News       2018-04-27 10:32
Liberalizmas       2018-04-27 8:55

stoja prieš krikščionybę.

Jules       2018-04-27 8:45

Rimti liudininkai kaip ir rimti konkurentai yra naikinami. Svarbiausi tame juodame, nešvariame reikale šešėlių konspiracija ir agresija.

Visur tas       2018-04-27 6:29

pats.Jei gali iš gimdyvių Kaune reikalauti pinigų ir jas apgaudinėti,tai ko jūs norit iš šių kišenių patriotų.Žodis “mokslas” jiems net nesuvokiamas.Taip pat ir Kaune,medikų kalvėje.

Liberlizmo       2018-04-27 6:27

rezultatas-kur jis įsitvirtina,ten griūtys.Ryškus pavyzdys-tai švedų didžėjaus savižudybė.Turintis marias pinigų,šlovę,nusižudė.Nes neatlaikė godaus liberalizmo spaudimo ir neturėjo krikščioniškų atramų.

Gal nėra to blogo,kad       2018-04-27 6:25

neišeitų į gera.Gerbiamas profesorius gal pasuks į politiką,eis į rinkimus,rinksim į parlamentą.

atmintinė       2018-04-27 6:00

norint būti kokybišku liudininku reikia
visada avėti švarius batus
kišenėje turėti plytelę šokolado
būti apdairiai prisiskynus šviežių švendrių lapų
arba tiesiog
turėti keturratį motociklą
reikia nuolat stebėti ar netoliese kas nors nežvejoja
o geriausia stengtis laikytis kuo arčiau šimašiaus

dr. Jonas Ramanauskas       2018-04-26 22:24

Puikiai suprantu prof. V.Radžvilo, kaip ujamo asmens, savijautą, nes pats buvau ujamas VDU 7 metus. Dėl to iškėliau atsikuriančios Lietuvos atsikuriančiam universitetui, vadovaujamam komunistų partijos sekretoriui,  20 civilinių bylų. Kad pajustų, kad ne visi yra IŠTIŽĘ. VDU irgi nesnaudė, išplėšė duris ir IŠVOGĖ mano knygas, darbo priemones, išradimus, mokslinę aparatūrą, kurią kaupiau apie 15 metų, visumoje už 33000 Lt, tų laikų kukliomis kainomis. Čia visa apie 30 kg dokumentų istorija.

Tačiau nežiūrint, kad užjaučiu prof. V.Radžvilą, kai pastudijuoju jo mintis apie dvi pilietybes, tai man už galvos tenka susiimti, kaip taip žmogus visiškai nejautrus, neatsakingas, veikiantis prieš teisę, Konstituciją.... Klausiu Konstitucijos niekintojo V.Radžvilo…. tau atsisuka bumerangu tavo pačio pozicija dviejų pilietybių klausimu. Paniekinęs dalį tautos, gauni atkirti čia pat vietoje.

O jau tikrai aišku, kad ir Seimo rinkimų klausimu yra IŠNIEKINAMA KONSTITUCIJA, o tai valstybės teisiniai ir demokratiniai pagrindai. Tai kaip NIEKINDAMI Konstituciją pasieksite Lietuvoje TEISINGUMO? Ei inteligentai, išprotėjote savo filosofinėse fantazijose…
Kviečiu stoti mūru Konstitucijos pusėje.

Gaila tik studentu       2018-04-26 22:11

kurie gali prarast gera destytoja,o tie eurokomjaunuoliai tai juos mokyti-kaip perlus kiaulems metyti.Na o vadovu lygyje,tai korupcija kur pazvelgsi.Daug zmoniu laukia Jusu pasisakymu gerbiamas Profesoriau.

šiaip tai net pavydėt galima       2018-04-26 22:09

jei komuniagos ir jų šuniukai ką nors ėda: reiškia tai tikrai neeilinė asmenybė, jei komuniagos dreba ir bijo…

Laikykitės, gerbiamas Vutautai,       2018-04-26 21:42

Jūsų puolimas yra dėl aukšto Jūsų intelekto ir įtakos visuomenei vertinimo. Gerbiame ir palaikome Jus, labai norime kažkaip konkrečiai Jums padėti.


Tomas Baranauskas. Apie magišką smėlio galią

Prisiminkime ir atminkime. Goda Krukauskienė: Budavonės kankiniai

Algimantas Rusteika. Vienybės klausimu: tiesa išlaisvina

Vygantas Malinauskas. „Kaip ant tyčių...“

Vytautas Radžvilas. Sisteminė „opozicija“ – nomenklatūrinio režimo atrama

Nuo bačkos. Laisvės partijos pirmininkė Aušrinė Armonaitė: Šimašius būtų puikus prezidentas

Liudvikas Jakimavičius. Sprigtas į snapą Gaidžiui

Vidmantas Valiušaitis. Geopolitinė „senosios tvarkos“ griūtis ir Birželio sukilimas

Liudvikas Jakimavičius. Valstybės pliažas

Artūras Račas. Monika pretenduoja į Metų citatos autorės titulą

Vygantas Malinauskas. Kas čia yra „tas“, kuris „gali pražudyti ir sielą, ir kūną pragare“?

Paraštėje. Nida Vasiliauskaitė. Tai klasizmas, joks rasizmas

Vytautas Sinica. Šimašius Lukiškių aikštę nutarė paversti pliažu…

Geroji Naujiena: „Nebijokite!“

Liudvikas Jakimavičius. Skambėjimas mūsų laikais yra dalykas svarbesnis už turinį

Tomas Bakučionis. Teisinių „stebuklų“ ir nuogų karalių šalis

Kęstutis Bacvinka: „Kas apgins gyventojų lėšomis įkurtą parką“

Andrius Švarplys. Kam painioti savo politines aspiracijas su mokslu ir akademiniu pasauliu?

Andrius Švarplys. Keli štrichai Naujosios Amerikos portretui

Algimantas Rusteika. Niekas nenori nieko keisti

Nida Vasiliauskaitė. Vienintelis lemtingas dalykas – dvasinis kalibras, ontologinis rangas

Lietuvos Respublikos Prezidento Gitano Nausėdos metinis pranešimas, palydėtas jo paties komentaru

Ramūnas Aušrotas. Kai bažnyčia tampa partija: Vokietijos atvejis

Antanas Kulakauskas: „Naujoji pasaulio tvarka dar neišryškėjo“

Nuo bačkos. Mažvydas Jastramskis: Konstitucinis Teismas yra demokratijos sargyboje

Raimondas Navickas. Lietuvos džiazas daug prarado, o politologija nieko neįgijo

Tomas Baranauskas. Ši valstybė gali liautis egzistavusi…

Agnė Širinskienė. Ar tai krizė? Ir jei taip –  kieno rankomis?

Arūnas Gumuliauskas. Kalba minint Gedulo ir vilties dieną

Pilietinė „Tiesos!“ akcija 2012 m. gegužės 17 d. antpuoliui atminti



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