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Prancūzus šokiravusi nuotrauka: stovėdamas prieš degančią Notre-Dame Prancūzijos prezidentas Emanuelis Macronas krizeno

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Prancūzus šokiravusi nuotrauka: stovėdamas prieš degančią Notre-Dame Prancūzijos prezidentas Emanuelis Macronas krizeno

Pierre-Alain Depauw | 2019 m. balandžio 19 d.

Pastarosiomis dienomis socialiniuose tinkluose šia nuotrauka itin dalintasi. Joje matyti, kaip Emmanuelis Macronas ir jo ministras pirmininkas Edouardas Philippe krizena stovėdami priešais liepsnojančią Švč. Dievo Motinos katedrą.

„Le Monde“ ir „Libération“, žiniasklaidos priemonės, esančios sistemos rėmėjų pirmosiose gretose, atskubėjo prezidentui Macronui į pagalbą. Kiekvienas iš šių laikraščių skelbia po straipsnį, kuriame teigiama, kad reikia kovoti su vadinamosiomis fake news. Ir įtvirtinti kitą paveikslą – kad Macronas ir jo ministras pirmininkas atvyko į gaisravietę – oriai laikėsi, buvo susijaudinę. Tačiau ir „Libération“ „naujienos tikrintojai“, kurį laiką bandę visaip išsivynioti, turi pripažinti tiesą:

„Šis stop kadras yra [iš vaizdo įrašo, užfiksavusio, kaip] Prezidentas ir Ministras Pirmininkas artėja prie Notre-Dame – vis dar liepsnojančios. Ir galime aiškiai matyti vykdomosios valdžios šypsenėles, daugiau ar mažiau tramdomas. Tačiau vaizdo įrašas, iš kurio šis stop kadras paimtas, paskelbtas Prancūzijos spaudos agentūros „CLPRESS“ „YouTube“ paskyroje, rodo, kad nuotaikos, jeigu ne šis konkretus momentas, visai ne vakarėlio.

Šiame vaizdo įraše (nuo 3’22), pastebėtame mūsų brolių, iš tikrųjų matome dviejų vyrų atvykimą į katedrą. 3.26 m. Ministras Pirmininkas per sugniaužtą kumštį burnoje kažką šnabžda Emmanueliui Macronui, o Prezidentas sučiaupia lūpas, kad atrodytų rimtai.“

Apibendrinant: Ministras Pirmininkas Edouardas Philippe pašnibždėjo kažkokį juokelį prezidentui Macronui į ausį. Tačiau abudu mūsų profesionalūs aktoriai susizgribo ir vėl nutaisė „rimtą miną“. Abiejų dienraščių – ir „Le Monde“, ir „Libération“ – akimis, garbingas elgesys išsaugotas.

Tik ar patys prancūzai pasitenkins tokiu išaiškinimu?


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Life Site News 3       2019-04-28 17:50

Notre Dame’s reconstruction should be consonant with the milieu of those who built the magnificent structure to the glory of their God. The vision of Abbot Suger, who believed that the cathedral should reflect the divine light, was also the vision of most of twelfth-century France, which was permeated with the Christian worldview. So great was the concern that God alone be glorified that the workmen who built the walls, constructed the flying buttresses, carved the statues, and put the magnificent stained glass windows in place wished to remain unknown in order that God’s name alone was reverenced. Soli Deo gloria.
Ah, France, France.

What are you about to do in the name of all that rejects the holy and ancient? Why will you advocate a way to complete the destruction of the fire? Why will you persist in your destructive, postmodern ways? Why destroy all that Notre Dame once was and the hope of what she still could be?

Why imitate the dreadful political pathologies of the past and present, many of which imitated and still imitate your own revolution against France’s Christian past? Why repeat what the demonic Stalin did as he ordered the blasting of the Cathedral of Christ our Savior — with an eye to demolish even St. Basil’s Cathedral? Why copy what is happening in Sri Lanka, as Christians are detonated along with their houses of worship? Do you think destroying Notre Dame slowly with hideous architecture is better than turning it to ashes by fire?

Why hand over your spiritual treasure to those who despise it and who would trample it as swine stomp on pearls? Why reinforce the current hatred of history and the transcendent? Why construct a cathedral of man that has nothing to do with the City of God that once informed and animated your once magnificent culture?

Notre Dame survived the mad destruction that leveled Cluny and its priceless treasures. It survived the insane ignominies of France’s revolution and the idol of Reason. It outlasted two world wars, including, as some historians say, Hitler’s crazed plan to burn down all of Paris. But will it survive the plans to make it into something it never was?
Stop, for God’s sake. Stop.

Do not be like the Edomites of old, who wanted the Babylonians to complete the destruction of Jerusalem. “Destroy it!” they yelled. “Level it to the ground!”

Call in the knowledgeable. Call in the restorers. Call in those who know how and why she was built, those who will lovingly and faithfully be true to the original plan.

Finally, may the resurrection hope that erected one of history’s most glorious buildings be revived in France and throughout the world.

Fay Voshell holds an M.Div. from Princeton Theological Seminary, which awarded her the prize for excellence in systematic theology. Her thoughts have appeared in many online magazines, including American Thinker, The Christian Post, National Review, RealClearReligion, CNS, and Russia Insider. She may be reached at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Life Site News 2       2019-04-28 17:45

Ah, Notre Dame, Notre Dame.

How we Christians mourn your fate. It seems that it is not enough grief to have wept over the treasures that have been lost or irreparably damaged. Now we must see the dark forces that have often attacked the church plan to turn what should be as exact a reconstruction as possible of the original into a testament to multiculturalism.

Notre Dame, it is being said, must not be overly burdened with Christian symbolism. It must reflect the multi-faceted beliefs of the French citizenry. How about some Arab script here? Perhaps a shrine to the goddess of Reason there. Maybe a statue of Gaia over in that corner. After all, all faiths and all gods are equal.

The response to such polytheistic plans must be a firm and immovable answer: NO. Notre Dame was erected by Christians. It is a Christian site still. Reconstruction, not redesign must be the goal.

Think about this: if the Dome of the Rock were somehow damaged by fire, would devout Muslims be interested in making the rebuilding of their holy shrine a statement of multiculturalism? Would they wish to have a statue of Christ included in the reconstruction? No. And why should they? Their architecture is consonant with their beliefs.

Also think about this: if the temple of Karnak were partially destroyed, what would be the response? Experts on Egyptology would be called in to make sure reconstruction was an accurate expression of the builders who first erected the shrine. The architecture would be consonant with the beliefs of ancient Egypt. The structure would remain the temple of Karnak.

Even so, that is how it should be with the repairs to the Parthenon or the ruins of Palmyra; so it should be with the restoration of any historic monument.

Life Site News       2019-04-28 17:44

April 25, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — Some say they saw the figure of Jesus appear in the flames that devoured so much of Notre Dame Cathedral. They felt that Christ was perhaps the reason the whole edifice was not destroyed.

To those hardened doubters concerning the presence of Christ in any way, shape, or form — past, present or future — the people who saw Christ walking among the flames merely give evidence of fatuous credulity. Cynicism is seen as the legitimate destroyer of the supernatural, be it the resurrection or the miracles of Christ. The attitude is nothing new. Even the hardened Nebuchadnezzar saw four rather than three men in the fiery furnace, though he was forced to acknowledge that the fourth man walking among the flames rather looked like a son of the gods.

As one wit suggested, the fact that such skeptics hold beliefs that defy reason and observable facts, making the most arcane beliefs of the wildest religion seem eminently reasonable, matters not a whit. To the scoffers, Christ is the perennial object of scorn, and Christianity is a mere fable devised and promoted by mere mortals whose goal is to stupefy and to control the masses. Religion is for them, to quote a famous man, “the opiate of the people.”
Thus, the destruction of the eight-hundred-year-old cathedral is a non-issue, or even the surely deserved fate for a religion that is a weakened foe of radical secularism in its most current form of postmodernism.

Kas su taip prancūzais darosi?       2019-04-28 10:07

Kvailesnio pašlemėko dar nei viena valstybė prezidentu nebuvo išsirinkusi

Sodomitų darbas       2019-04-26 13:36

Nuotraukoje prieš pat gaisrą ant Notr Dame bažnyčios nufilmuotas nepažįstamas žmogus, kurį, greičiausiai, ir nusamdė sodomitai, o dabar juokiasi.

Kaimiečiui       2019-04-26 11:43

Tai padek savo daržinę ir žvenk už pilvo susiėmęs. O dar geriau trobą, - juoko bus daugiau.

Kaimietis       2019-04-25 22:03

Kas būtų jei jis pradėjęs verkti?Jis tuo tik parodė ,kad prancūzai,jau seniai nėra davatkų tauta.

Šia nuotrauka itin dalintasi:       2019-04-25 16:01

Emmanuelis Macronas ir jo ministras pirmininkas Edouardas Philippe krizena stovėdami priešais liepsnojančią Švč. Dievo Motinos katedrą.

Life Site News 2       2019-04-25 10:55

In fact, the Washington Post actually published a column rather giving the game away, unbelievably titled, “Christianity under attack? Sri Lanka church bombings stoke far-right anger in the West.” The authors list a number of apparently sinister condolences sent out by leaders such as Marine Le Pen and say analysts claim that the majority of terror victims are Muslim (conveniently leaving out the fact that Christians are the most persecuted faith group in the world). They also questioned the “far-right” outrage by citing this fact: “French government statistics do show hundreds of incidents of vandalism against churches last year, although the vast majority of acts were minor.” Well, that’s not such a big deal, then. Hard to imagine why people are getting so worked up. If this were said about an arson spree targeting mosques, it might be said, it would trigger paroxysms of rage and accusations of Islamophobia from the same media set.

The mainstream media consistently display a profound and embarrassing ignorance of Christianity’s core tenets and practice, which is unsurprising, considering the fact that increasingly, the public’s knowledge of Scripture comes from trashy and inaccurate Hollywood movies, and a mere 11% of them have read the entire Bible. One of the few things our media class (which is populated by journalists who, for the most part, never darken the doorway of a church) knows about orthodox Christianity is what it has to say about sexuality, the protection of human life, and the fundamental and foundational nature of the family. In short, the media see it as a collection of oppressive beliefs that should be treated with contempt. That they appear to be blissfully unaware of Islam’s teachings on these same subjects is one of progressivism’s strangest contradictions.

It is a sad fact that non-Western Christians facing violent persecution (in 144 countries, according to the Pew Research Center) receive less sympathy than almost any other group from the Western media due to the progressive Left’s hatred of Western Christians — at least, those who refuse to go galloping along with the metastasizing Sexual Revolution. Progressives may be fantastically ignorant as to what Christianity actually teaches, but they know just enough to despise it and the unwelcome restraints it places on human behavior. Thus, the mass killings of Christians can prompt solemn condolences to the “Easter worshippers”; journalists bemoaning the fact that “far-right” figures are condemning the bombing of innocent men, women, and children; and columnists reminding us that the vandals burning down French churches are committing only “minor” crimes.

Life Site News       2019-04-25 10:55

April 24, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — It is difficult to get surprised by the mainstream media’s utter ignorance of religion, but last week I spotted a headline that almost seemed to be an intentional parody of that fact. It was an Associated Press headline by Nicole Winfield and Colleen Barry, on an article intended to helpfully give context to the events surrounding the fire at the great Paris cathedral: “Tourist mecca Notre Dame also revered as place of worship.” The article with that car crash of a title was filed, of all places, from Vatican City.

Following the reaction to the fire at Notre Dame, there were the responses of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to the ruthless massacres of Christians celebrating Easter across Sri Lanka, resulting in the deaths of 321 men, women, and children and the injury of hundreds more. While condemnations of the recent atrocities at mosques in New Zealand by a white supremacist killer were specific in naming the ideology that sparked the murders and the faith that made the victims a target, Obama and Clinton responded to the bombing of Christians by Islamist terrorists by referring to an attack on “Easter worshippers,” prompting nearly universal mockery and demands that they actually call the victims what they were: Christians, butchered in their churches because they were Christians.
In the case of the former president and the wannabe president, it may not be sheer ignorance that drove the decision to cast Christians in terms that make them sound as if they regularly sacrifice farm animals to strange statues on Easter Island. Because orthodox Christians are the primary opponents (or targets) of progressives in the ongoing culture wars in the West, there is also the ulterior motive of seeking to deny Christians any sympathy that could call into question their rock-bottom placement on the intersectional totem pole. Muslim victims suit the progressive narrative of Western white supremacy as the predominant threat to civilization, second only to climate change. The growing heaps of dead Christians from Nigeria to Sri Lanka are an inconvenient truth.


Tata       2019-04-25 10:10

Na ir kas kad jis juokėsi? Pasakė kažką juokinga - todėl ir juokėsi. O gal jis žino kažką daugiau - kas ir kodėl padegė - dėl to ir juokiasi. Juk ir jums juokinga būtų tokioje situacijoje. Kodėl avys galvoja, kad kai jos bliauna - ir vilkai turi bliauti?

Paskutinis        2019-04-24 19:53

juoksis archontas - Khan Konchak, kaip teisingai buvo pastebėta. Reptilijos arkonai.

ddd       2019-04-24 19:38

Katedros atstatymui skirtas lėšas vertėtų palyginti su PSG futbolo klubo metiniu biudžetu.

Žinodami       2019-04-24 19:30

CK sekretorių didelius nuopelnus Lietuvai tikrai balsuosime už Juozaitį, be jokios abejonės. Jis tikras patriotų tarnas, tautininkų smaigalys, kaip Zelenskis - tik kuklesnis. Tik su plyta rankoje, o Zelenskis paklojo visą parlamentą babuškų televizoriuje. Jūs gi žinote, kad kol kas ta babuškų dėžė visagalė. Na, o Nausėda kuo greičiau tegu vyksta pas Macron’ą palaiminimo, be kurio nelaimės - Juozaitis gali nujoti jo jau seniai banksterių suplanuotą pergalę. Mūsų ubagai, gi žinote, labai myli milijardierius, ypač jaunos panos.

international       2019-04-24 19:17

Veidmainis makaronas yra geriausias veidmainių arkliadantės ir nuosėdos sėbras.
Visos Europos šiukšlės vienykitės!

ničiho osoblyvoho       2019-04-24 18:39

Taigi, kai dega krikščionių Bažnyčia, satanistams šventė.
Todėl ir leipsta juokais- iš malonumo.

stasys        2019-04-24 16:27

Nu matai ..tas Lietuviškas pimpaausiu klegesys apie galimus paaukojimus Dievo motinos katedrai atstatyti Prancūzijos mokesčiu sąskaita kaip ir labai nestebina . Na kas pas mus aršiausi mokesčiu inspektoriai ? ..teisingai !! kaiminėlis už tvoros .. cekava nosis .

pastebejimas       2019-04-24 16:01

is tikruju prancuzu sita nuotrauka nesokiravo. ji sokiravo tik mazesniaja dali gyventoju. pasiziuriu per ju kanalus, tikrai jau ten tas gaisras yra praeitas etapas. dabar jau kalba ne tik apie atsttatyma, bet ir apie kitus dalykus, pvz apie tai, kad milijonieriai aukotojai aukotas sumas nusirasys is mokesciu, ar panasiai. ir tikrai mass media tebepalaiko Macrona, stumia toliaujo idejas, priesina liemenes su aplinosauginiais tikslais ir
kt. zodziu viskas ten vyksta senoviskai. osiaip tie du vyrukai yra panasus i Beavis & Butthead veikejus

to Neįtikinamas video       2019-04-24 14:56

Pats tu neįtikinamas kaip Juozaitis - tas tautininkų smaigalys arba liaudiškai Khan Konchak(Koščėjaus ar Kaščėjaus adata). Gnostikų kosmose archontų adata, reikalinga jų patelei.

Slykstu.       2019-04-24 14:42

Bet nestebina, zinant macrono nusiteikimus ir paziuras.Tai juk banko ir liberalmarksistu princas.Kuri isrinko patys prancuzai.Vargas krikscionims, ir tame tarpe katlikams.Stai su tokiu falsu macrono asmenyje, vazineja bendrauti ir derinti reikalus ir musu prezidente.

stasys        2019-04-24 14:32

Nu tikrai ..Macronas tokiai nelaimei nutikus turėjo nusiskusti galva plikai o ta madinga kostiumėlį išmainyti į varginga abitą ir kaipo priedas toks nemažas bizunėlis   sau rankose. Protui nesivokiamas ribas brėžia žmonės .. gerai jei tie patys doruoliai geba susiprasti kur tos protui nesuvokiamos ribos peržengiamos .

Liberalams taigi šventė       2019-04-24 14:08

Ar prancūzai niekaip neapsipranta, kad išsirinko liberalmarksistą, ar šoke dėl to, jog liberalas, marksistas, ar komunistas - kaip jį bepavadinsi - džiaugiasi, kai religija ir jos simboliai naikinami? O ypač tokios vertės ir reikšmės! Ir tokį neeilinį įvykį spebėti tiesiai iš pirmų eilių! Be to, puiki proga pasirodyti gelbėtoju bei vienytoju, ir išjoti ant balto žirgo su pakilusiais reitingais. Tikintis, kad toks įvykis labai susilpins ar išvis pabaigs geltonųjų liemenių protestus. Taip pat, iš anksto žinant, kas gaisro kaltininkas. O dar laukiantys visi atstatymo projektai ir darbai. Kiek čia bus pinigėlių, įtakos dalybų, progų viešai rėžt kalbas ir pozuot kameroms! Tai ko nesidžiaugti? Ne, ne tai, kad džiaugsmas, liberalui tiesiog šventė! Taigi tokia sėkminga diena buvo nebent laimint prezidento rinkimus! Kokia kita šventė suplanuota liberalo dienotvarkėje?

Neįtikinamas video       2019-04-24 14:06

Galima visaip interpretuoti.

Jules       2019-04-24 14:06

Ko Jūs norit, kad tai ne jo tauta ir ne jo religija, ne jo civilizacija? Pinigai, Bankas jo tauta ir religija.

GERIAU       2019-04-24 13:52

pasijuoktų iš savo senos “tetos”...

geltonosios liemenės:       2019-04-24 13:49

Juokiasi tas , kas juokiasi paskutinis.


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